olx android app review post browse ads quickly

OLX Android App Review: Post and Browse Ads Very Quickly


OLX Android App Review: Post and Browse Ads Very Quickly

The very successful online ad provider service OLX dropped an application at Play store last year. This OLX Android app brings tons of easy to use features enabling you to buy and sell your products quickly. You can easily post your ads of saleable products right from your mobile or tablet and get results within a few hours. I’ve even noticed that OLX does not focus on just selling and buying your products, you can get and give jobs services depending on best skills as well. Like you can hire a teacher, look for workers or anyone else you need.

OLX Android App Review: Post and Browse Ads Very Quickly

The OLX application features a native neat and clean interface. It is not minimal a lot, but there is still no useless element here and there in order to disturb the user. When you launch the application for the first time, you will be prompted with a selection screen. If you want to buy anything, you need to select the category first on the start screen such as “mobile phones” or “real estate”, and then type what you are looking for on the search bar. You can mention the date, price range, area, etc that enables you get targeted results easily. You can contact with seller, very easily by submitting a reply or just a make call within the application. On the other hand, selling anything is quite simple as well. You can post free classified ad within a few taps. Go to the home screen of OLX’s app, tap on “post”, give details and photos about what you want to sell, hit the post button and you are done.

OLX Android App Review: Post and Browse Ads Very Quickly

You can manage your ads quickly within OLX mobile app and share them on social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. OLX Classifieds Mobile Apps are available for almost all of major platforms, including iPhone app store, Windows Phone store, BlackBerry and Play Store.

The bottom line

The OLX mobile application is not fully up-to-mark for me, but I must say it is helpful a lot. It is easy to use and better than browsing data on computer. You can post free ads on the internet within a minute and make browsing exploring categories quickly. Give it a try:

OLX Android App Review: Post and Browse Ads Very Quickly

Download OLX Free Classifieds [Play Store Link]

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