3 Questions to Ask Your Vendor Before Installing Custom Window Shutters

Custom window shutters have been making a comeback in terms of exterior and even interior décor.

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While they had previously been mostly restricted to old country-style homes, they are now installed within homes that have modern structures and designs to boot.

With their ability to complement the structures and styles of modern construction just as well as they do for older buildings, custom window shutters have become quite popular in the Massachusetts and Connecticut areas, especially in cases where they are used in interior installations.

However, since they are a more permanent installation than custom window drapes or shades, you need to make sure that you select a vendor who could provide you with fixtures that would stay with you for years to come.

Here are 3 questions you can ask a custom window shutters provider to ensure you are getting quality products and services.

What is Your Experience in Shutter Installation?

Since custom window shutters would require the vendor to do some actual construction related work on your windows, you need to make sure that they have experience with the kind of responsibility they are being entrusted with.

Thus, asking about their experience in their line of work could help you determine their level of expertise in installing these specialized form of custom window treatments.


 What Kind of Materials Do You Use for Custom Window Shutters?

Different vendors of window treatments would use different materials and types of wood to pull off the task of installing custom shutters on your windows. Therefore, instead of assuming that they will use a certain sort of wooden material, ensure to ask about their preference of materials in the installation process.

This would help you determine the durability of their proposed work and how it justifies the price they are charging.

Which brings us to our next question.


What Will Be Your Proposed Cost?

Since you would have most likely set aside a budget for getting custom window shutters for your home, asking this question would help you determine whether you need to pitch some more funds into it or if you could actually make off with some savings by the time the shutters are installed on your windows.

Choose between providers who do not charge a sky high price. If someone’s prices are a little higher than what seems to be market standard, then check if they actually provide better materials or have more experience than the vendors that you have talked to earlier.

By ensuring that you take care of these factors, you can end up with a vendor who is the right fit for your budget.


Shades on Wheels is Proficient in Installing Custom Window Shutters

As an experienced provider of custom window treatments such as custom window shutters and custom window blinds among other styles, Shades on Wheels could fulfill all of your expectations that you may have from a vendor in terms of experience, materials and cost.

As a vendor that works in the Massachusetts and Connecticut area regularly and makes sure that all installations by it provide its customers with the utmost comfort and aesthetics for years to come, Shades on Wheels could prove to be a viable choice for you.

Whether you have already made up your mind to install custom window shutters or are just looking for answers to a few more questions, contact Shades on Wheels today to avail a service that would leave a smile on your face.

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