Criminal defense lawyers can help ensure you don’t get the book thrown at you.

http://www.pollartmiller.comFor people who have been charged with or convicted of a crime, most would tell you it’s one of the lowest points in their life. Whether they were drinking and driving, shoplifting, or stealing someone else’s identity, getting caught and prosecuted for their actions is difficult. It forces most people to look themselves in the mirror and decide whether or not they want to make any changes. Some people commit a crime because they’re desperate. They have no money and they’re starving, so they steal from their grocery store in order to eat. Other people commit crimes when they’re intoxicated and not thinking clearly. Of course, under the law, a crime is a crime, and if the prosecutors or police officers in charge of the case think they have a case to make, they’ll press charges and move forward.

Of course, there are loads of Americans out there who are unfairly charged with crimes that they didn’t commit. A police officer or detective charges someone with a crime because they think they have enough evidence to indict them, but they have the evidence all wrong.

In either case, whether the person committed the crime or not, under the US Constitution they have the right to legal representation in a court of law. Every single American is guilty until proven innocent, which means that every person who gets charged with a crime in the US is entitled to representation by a criminal defense lawyer. If the person can’t afford to hire their own attorney then the court appoints a public defender, but either way they’re going to get represented by someone in the courtroom. This is absolutely how it should be. There are way too many people in this country serving time for crimes that they didn’t commit already. If you didn’t allow people to have a lawyer by their side to defend them, that number would only go up. There would be huge numbers of Americans serving time for crimes they didn’t commit, or serving extremely long sentences for crimes that didn’t warrant that type of punishment.

This is one of the main reasons why criminal defense attorneys exist. Not only is it their job to represent their client and attempt to prove their innocence, but if their client is found guilty, it’s their job to try and reduce the sentence they serve as much as possible. There is a ton of data out there that shows that throwing the book at someone and giving them the longest sentence possible doesn’t help their rehabilitation, but instead hurts it. Getting a long sentence for a relatively minor crime only makes it more difficult for that person to reenter society down the road. It’s the job of their defense attorney to fight for a reduction in sentence so that their past mistakes don’t ruin their life.

This is exactly what defense attorneys like those at Pollart Miller LLC do, and it’s why they’re one of the more popular law firms in Denver. If you’re worried that the judge is going to throw the book at you during your criminal hearing, make sure you get a quality defense lawyer in your corner.

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