Is Uranium Mining Safe?

uranium energyMost people, when they think about uranium mining, wonder if it’s safe. After all, uranium is known to be radioactive. After all of the movies that have come out, and all of the action or spy shows involving rogue uranium, it’s no wonder that many people doubt the safety of this substance. However, uranium mining is actually quite safe. These are some of the most commonly asked questions about uranium mining.

Does Mining Raise Uranium Levels?

Uranium mining has not been shown to raise the levels of uranium in the water supply or the air near uranium plants. Uranium dust is actually quite heavy, which means that it is difficult for the wind to pick it up and carry it anywhere. Most of the uranium dust never escapes the uranium mine. If it somehow manages to get out, like on someone’s clothes, it does not travel. In fact, living near uranium mine has not been shown to increase health risks in any way.

Actually, you will get more radiation exposure from the sun and from normal background radiation levels than you will receive from living near a uranium mine. This indicates that uranium mining does not raise radiation levels dangerously.

Does Mining Raise Radon Levels?

Uranium mining also does not raise radon levels in the areas near the mine. In fact, Studies have shown that the radon in homes and offices near uranium mines are at levels comparable to those in the surrounding area.

Is Mining Dangerous for the Miners?

Levels of radiation are carefully monitored when uranium mining is going on. Unless there is some kind of accident, miners do not receive more radiation that is allowable for the general population in a year. The facilities are carefully monitored and regulated to ensure that accidents do not occur. These systems include detection and ventilation technology to help keep all of the miners safe. No one wants to expose anyone, including uranium miners, to more radiation than is absolutely necessary to do their jobs.

Does Uranium Waste Remain Toxic for Years?

In order to get a permit to mine or process uranium, a company must him and straight that they are able to store the waste products that come from the uranium safely for a long time. These storage areas must also be monitored, in order to keep the general public safe. If there is any indication of a problem, there are professionals who will be called in to deal with it. This means that, while the waist does remain radioactive, it is held in containers and monitored in ways that ensure it will not expose the general population to unhealthy radiation levels.

It is normal and natural to have questions about something like uranium mining. However, Studies have shown that mining is safe. No one will be exposed to unhealthy levels of radiation, radon, or anything else just because they live near a uranium mine. The public can feel confident about their safety, no matter how close they come to a place where uranium is processed.

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