It’s nice when you can call someone to handle any issues with your community property management.

http://www.accuinc.comFor a long time, HOAs and community associations relied on their board members to handle all of the incoming requests from their members. If someone in the neighborhood was complaining that one of their neighbors hadn’t painted their house for 20 years, the community association would receive the email. If a tenant in an apartment complex was having their sink back up because of the person below them, the HOA president would get the email. In both of these examples, it would then be up to a board member of these associations to handle the issue. They’d go and talk with the neighbor or send a letter, and they’d reach out to the tenant to figure out exactly what the issue was. In the case of the apartment tenant, it would also be the HOA’s job to hire someone to come by and fix the issue, as well as figure out the logistics of when the person would be home and when the contractor would be available.

To put it bluntly, such a setup was rather inefficient, and it was certainly a huge headache for either the community association or the HOA. Depending on the size of the community and the number of complaints or maintenance requests coming in, these associations could be spending hours every single day just handling routine requests. It’s this inefficiency and time consumption that eventually led to most HOAs and community associations outsourcing this type of work to a third-party community property management company. These companies take all of that work off of the plate of the HOA or community association. The HOA and community association will still be alerted when there are issues, but those alerts will also go to the community property management company. It’s that company that will reach out to the homeowner or tenant, figure out what the issue is, and then hire the right contractor or company to take care of it. These companies have a huge list of contractors and companies they work with. They have a roofing company on call, a plumber, an electrician, a handyman, and whatever else a homeowner or tenant could ever need. This not only means that the HOA and community associations can focus on other things, but it also generally means that the issues get resolved more thoroughly and quicker. It’s a win-win for both the community associations and the people that rely on them.

When you work on the board of an HOA or community association, it’s nice knowing that you can just call a property manager whenever there’s an issue and they’ll take care of it for you. These companies alleviate stress, streamline the maintenance request process, and ensure that every maintenance request is handled in a timely fashion. Companies like ACCU, Inc. have been doing this for years. If you work on the board of a community association and you’re tired of fielding calls and/or emails at all times of the day, make sure you outsource this work to a third-party property manager. You’ll be glad that you did.

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