The All-Time Greatest Songs About Weed


In the age of 420 hotels, marijuana tours, and sushi and joint rolling classes, it’s only appropriate that you have the perfect soundtrack to accompany your adventures of recreational and responsible consumption. While we encourage you to enjoy an eclectic musical voyage spanning across all genres, here are some of our favorite songs that are centered around our favorite plant.


Sublime – Smoke Two Joints


First thing’s first: for the sake of accuracy, we need to state that this song was originally written by The Toyes as a reggae song (Napster mislabeled this back in the 00s as a Bob Marley hit, which is also incorrect). However, Sublime’s cover of “Smoke Two Joints” on their debut album is a seminal hit that has graced the speakers of ever 90s weed enthusiast. The second you hear the bong rip accompanied by the iconic guitar strumming will transport you to Southern California for a carefree day of smoking, surfing, and of course, smoking.


Outkast – Crumblin’ Erb


Long before Hey Ya, Miss Jackson, and even Spottieottiedopalicious, Outkast came out swinging with their soulful southern roots and affinity for weed with “Crumblin’ Erb.” Smooth flows and catchy choruses established the group as what would become one of hip-hop’s most iconic acts. And we can’t blame them for having good taste and sampling Issac Hayes’ “Joe Ball” while spitting about simply forgetting the crazy world.


Afroman – Because I Got High


While staying at your favorite 420 rentals, you HAVE to blast this classic from 2000 that narrates the blunders of a typical stoner’s day spacing out about class, work, and the law and basically “messing up his entire life.” While the artist himself may have had recent pitfalls in the public eye, there’s no denying this is a 420 anthem for the ages and you probably know at least one verse, whether you care to admit it or now.


Cypress Hill – I Want to Get High


Cypress Hill is such a staple for weed smokers that people often refer to a hot boxed space as “smelling like a Cypress Hill concert.” You can’t help but nod your head to this anthem with the hypnotic bassline and vocal sirens vamping in the intro. Sen Dogg is such an advocate for weed that he has gone on record saying “Weed makes music sound better” and “Weed enhances life.”


Rick James – Mary Jane


When you hear the soulful funk and harmonized flutes, you can’t help sitting back and enjoying the ride as you light up. Unfortunately, James is iconized as going down in history as being into harder drugs and being spoofed on the Chapelle show, but his music is also timeless as this Art Stewart (who worked with Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder) produced classic helped open doors for future pot staples like the songs above. Lyrically, it could be easy for parents to think the song is speaking to the innocent girl next door when James is actually proclaiming his love for nature’s medicine.


Do you have any favorite songs about weed? Let us know and make sure to pop them on your playlist to bump at your next marijuana friendly hotel.


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