The Different Types of a Hard Money Loan and How They Can Help You

To those who invest in real estate on a regular basis, the concept of a hard money loan may be a familiar one. These loans, which are provided against a real estate collateral, are known to help people out of sticky situations and assist them in moving forward with their investments even in times when they are experiencing a temporary block of funds due to some reason.

While a hard money loan comes in many forms, like any other financial segment, it also has its subcategories. We have compiled them here  so you could note this information for future reference, and go ahead with finding hard money lenders effectively.


Bridge Loans

Perhaps the most popular example of a hard money loan, bridge loans are a viable form of securing funds that are disbursed by private money lenders over a short period of time. These loans are known for their usage in real estate property investments and faster closing times. They are utilized in a variety of situations, including but not limited to buying new property and saving existing property from foreclosure.


Acquisition Loans

Another popular type of a hard money loan are acquisition loans. These loans help borrowers in acquiring property, especially in cases where their request for investment has been denied by a bank. However, since the very basis of a hard money loan is formed after its backing by private money lenders, borrowers can get good deals in their second chance of securing the required funding.

Renovation Loans

Private Money Lenders

Renovation loans are yet another form of hard money loan. These loans are modeled after the borrower’s intention to renovate their existing property, or buying and renovating a new property. They are available for both residential and commercial real estate and come with a few terms and conditions that set an even ground between the borrower and lender. Since these loans are also offered by specialized hard money lenders, they can once again help borrowers in situations where they have been denied a chance by a bank.


Note Purchasing Loans

When it comes to real estate financing, the industry is a competitive one, even for banks. Sometimes, banks have to take special measures to ensure that their portfolio for commercial real estate loans stays under a manageable number. That is when they start to sell of their commercial real estate notes at discounted pricing. Needless to say, these deals are lucrative for any property investor, but since the investments remain large scale even with discounts, these investors have to secure funding before the discount expires. That is where hard money lenders come into play and provide investors with the financing they need, on terms that could be beneficial for both parties.


Choose a Hard Money Loan Provider With an Array of Options

With a variety of options at your disposal as a borrower, it can be difficult to decide which could be a viable choice to go with in terms of funding. While you can perform research and hold discussions with your family or stakeholders regarding this matter, the best option is to talk to one of the hard money lenders directly so you could obtain the best possible advice that is driven by experience.


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