The Different Types of Product Packaging You Can Benefit From

Presentation and packaging design is the most crucial part of the sales process.

Think about it.

You are walking through the aisle of a market to find a product that you want but do not care about the brand much. You find a plethora of those products laying across a shelf. Since brand loyalty is no concern to you for this purchase, you go ahead and select the one which looks the most attractive, has a clever product packaging, and some great colors to boot. retail packaging design

That is exactly how your customers feel whenever you package your products to them – and then when you start wondering how you could boost your sales… the answer is right there.


By using different types of product and retail packaging to showcase your merchandise, you can ensure to draw the customers’ attention towards your offerings.



Clamshells are one of the most popular types of clear product packaging. This packaging is made out of hard plastic that is in one piece and gets enclosed with hinges. The product itself is placed inside the customized cavity. This makes the product look attractive while the packaging remains pocket friendly.


Printed Inserts

Inserts are often used within clamshells themselves in order to enhance their branding and add some color to the otherwise transparent packaging. They are also a major component of other clear packaging which requires branding material. In a way, printed inserts are what your brand represents its products through within clear product packaging, which is why it’s important for them to be aesthetically pleasing while having information that is important to the customer.

Side Blisters

Side blisters also have a cavity like clamshells, but instead of being enclosed on either side by the plastic, side blisters comprise of one-half of a clamshell. The clear packaging is enclosed by a specially printed card, which slides onto the back of the packaging and secures the product.

Backer  Cards

Backer cards are usually used along with the aforementioned side blisters. They use custom packaging design and are printed on either end, so that they act as a backdrop to the product through their front end while also providing the necessary information on the back. This ability of being used by the otherwise clear packaging of side blisters makes backer cards a sought after product.

Printed Cartons

Printed cartons are also a major component of retail packaging design. As the name suggests, they are printed with the company’s graphics on them and remain fully customized. This provides plenty of opportunities for branding, which is availed by many companies.


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