Things to Keep in Mind While Installing Electrochromic Glass Solutions

The global smart glass industry has grown exponentially in the past few years, especially with the introduction of retail solutions such as electrochromic windows. The growth is not that surprising when you see it under the lens of increasing demand around these dimmable tint windows and glass walls, which are sought after by both residential and commercial real estate owners alike.

It is safe to say that if you are considering to install electrochromic glass solutions of your own, then you are not alone. This also means that you would be able to take a leaf out of the book of those who have installed the solutions before you, and who found that the following points largely helped them through their smart tint glass installation process.

Know Whether to Install Electrochromic Glass Devices or Electrochromic Glass Film

Electrochromic glass solutions are available as both pre-made devices such as windows and glass panels, and as smart tint glass films that could be installed over any existing windows in a building.

Electrochromic Glass

Both options effectively work the same with the core difference of the special devices bringing construction costs and time within them, while the smart tint glass films remaining free of this requirement and only require minimum installation efforts by a credible provider.

With that being said, newer buildings that are already under-construction may find that investing in pre-made devices could be more beneficial for them. Keep these points in mind and make a decision accordingly.


Decide Whether You Need Only Electrochromic Windows or Would Also Go with Electrochromic Glass Walls

While electrochromic glass windows are the most popular devices to be used with the dimmable electric glass technology, the trend to treat complete glass walls with smart tint glass films is also gaining significant traction.

Structures and spaces which use glass walls for transparency or aesthetics still require the execution of privacy. While they can use blinds for privacy purposes, such additions could effectively defeat the purpose of the glass walls’ modern structure. If you have a modern home or an office space that uses glass walls, consider whether or not you want electrochromic glass solutions.


Consider the Pricing for Electrochromic Glass Before You Begin a Project

As with any other construction project, electrochromic glass related plans also require you to have budget estimations in place, so you could learn about the costs that would be involved with the whole process and make a proper decision.

While you may find prices over the internet and calculate them with the size of your windows and walls, a better choice would be to contact a smart tint glass provider who would not only be able to provide you with an estimate, but do so while also providing you with crucial suggestions for the success of your smart tint glass project.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you can make certain that your decision to upgrade to electrochromic glass fixtures goes smoothly and without any hassles.


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