What is Kief and How Can You Use a Pollinator Machine to Extract It?

Cannabis is a plant with many mind-blowing properties. From helping people feel calm to changing their mood to be euphoric, the different cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant present various wondrous effects that let you admire just how nature has provided us with its many gifts.

resin extraction

And while admiring the gift of nature that is cannabis, you may have thought, exactly what is it that gives marijuana its signature 30properties? As mentioned above, almost everyone knows that it is due to its many cannabinoids, but where exactly do these cannabinoids come from?

Ever used a regular dry bud trimmer and noticed the fine powder that covers almost the entirety of your processed flower? Or perhaps you have held a flower up close and noticed the tiny crystals that adorn it.

That is kief – which is the name given to resin glands that make up for a large portion of cannabinoids in a marijuana plant. While marijuana still has other components that provide it with cannabinoids, kief or resin glands contain the majority of them.

When separated from the plant using resin extraction techniques, kief appears as a fine, powdery substance. In this form, it is perhaps the most potent marijuana substance that you could ever consume.

Due to this reason, many people use special equipment such as a pollinator machine and pollinator tumbler for resin extraction.


How Does a Pollinator Machine Work for Resin Extraction?

A pollinator machine is a bud trimming machine that focuses on resin extraction. It separates the dry sift or pollen from the rest of the shredded bud, and allows you to use the fine powder to either sprinkle over your flower for a more potent smoke, or in a joint of its own to experience cannabinoids in their most effective form.

This is possible through the way that the machine is built,  the kief or pollen falls into a separate container or partition by itself during the bud trimming process. Once the special bud trimmer has done its work, you have your shredded flower at one hand and your kief on the other.

Along with this, a pollinator machine with its added ability also allows you to perform CO2 resin extraction. This method of resin extraction uses carbon dioxide and its multiple effects to play with the temperate and pressure during the bud trimming process. Through this technique, you can obtain refined resin extracts from your flower. These extracts can then be used during marijuana oils or vape concentrates.


Tom’s Tumbler Could Help You Extract Kief Easily

As a specialized provider of bud trimming solutions such as the Tom Tumble Trimmer, a bladeless trimmer which is a dry bud trimming machine, pollinator machine, and separator machine all in one, Tom’s Tumbler is the provider of choice for many marijuana aficionados and professional bud sellers who want the best trimming and extraction techniques for their grow.

With their resin extraction and specialized CO2 extraction features, the trimmers and tumblers by Tom’s Tumbler ensure to provide you with the kind of performance that you seek, all with the assurance of its product warranty.

So, if you are looking for resin extraction solutions that would provide you with high quality kief, then reach out to Tom’s Tumbler today.

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