Why Spitting is Essential on a Napa Wine Tasting Tour

To spit or not to spit?

That is a question that newer wine aficionados are presented with when embarking on their first ever Napa wine tasting tour.

So what is wine spitting anyway and why “spitting” of everything in the world seems to be such an important topic on wine tastings?

Here are all the answers that you need.


A Napa Wine Tasting Tour is Not About Drinking All the Wine You Can Get

On a typical wine tasting tour Napa has to offer, you often get the opportunity to visit around 3-4 wineries. On each of these wineries, you are typically served 2 oz pours.Napa Wine Tasting Tour

Now, if you multiply this by the offering of 8 to 10 wines per winery, it makes up for around 16 oz to 20 oz of wine in a Napa day trip.

And when you multiply this by at least 4 wineries, it means that you are presented with around 80 oz of wine.

As popular wine knowledge website WineFolly notes, this much tasting in a single Napa day trip could make for about 16 glasses of wine. That much wine in a single day? You would pass out with alcohol consumption, wouldn’t you?

That is why spitting and not consuming wine is important. It lets you taste wine instead of being inebriated on it. This allows you to get the core objective out of a wine tasting trip, which is to taste wine, not drink it.


How to Spit Wine

A basic video guide of a spitting technique is available in the  article that has been referenced above. To summarize:

  • Make sure that you are not ashamed of your “spit face”. Practice spitting before going on a tasting tour by looking in your bathroom mirror and spitting water into the sink.
  • When at the tasting room of a winery, immediately look for where the spit bucket is. For reference, it is also called a “spittoon”.
  • When tasting your wine, do not take too little or too large of a sip. Ensure to take a medium sized sip, feel it around your mouth to let it get familiarized with your taste buds. Do not swallow.
  • Once you have felt the taste enough, lean your head above the spit bucket and spit the wine into it. Do it with enough fore so that the wine doesn’t dribble down your chin (this is why the training in the first step is important).
  • Sip, spit, repeat.

This would make sure that no matter how many wineries you visit, you do not have to go through intoxication. This doesn’t mean that you cannot drink wine at all. Rather, it means that you can drink it in moderation.


The Spitting Process Helps You Get the Most Out of the Tasting Experience

The biggest reason why swallowing is discouraged on a Napa Valley wine tasting tour, or any wine tasting tour for that matter, is because the more wine you drink, the less you’ll be able to identify between distinct notes. As a result, the whole purpose of tasting different wines goes down the drain.

Spitting would help you focus on your core objectives to taste, enjoy and purchase wine as you like. For a fuller taste on the back of your throat, you can drink a few choice wines, but ensure to do so at the very end of the tour so you don’t miss out on other offerings.

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